Animal testing should be illegal essay

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FDA vs. 23andMe: How do we want genetic testing to be regulated?

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Apr 03,  · As for death to an animal; the experimenters will euthanize the animal after being tested on or will use the animal again for further testing until they are dead or useless.

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If you don’t believe the cruel ways animals are treated, go on youtube and search for: PLRS: undercover at a product-. The practice of animal testing should be banned, considering that it is harmful from the ethical, environmental as well as the economical point of view.

Making use of alternatives that are available for animal experimentation is therefore, a better choice. Animal protests have a long and turbulent history, from their emergence in the twentieth century to the last decade. Since the s and s, protests increased a great deal although they have fizzled out somewhat over the last several years.

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History of Protests Against Animal Tests

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Animal rights is the idea in which some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings.

Its advocates oppose the assignment of moral value and fundamental protections on the basis of species membership alone.

Animal testing should be illegal essay
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