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Paul Chan: Greene Naftali Gallery.

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Paul Schmelzer from the Walker Art Center interviews Paul Chan about Badlands and the future of the artist book. Schmelzer writes, "The quintessential polymath, Paul Chan is an internationally known artist, experimental publisher, GIF designer, and speaker (he’s keynoting the New York Art Book.

Video Data Bank artist Paul Chan was part of Voices in the Wilderness in Baghdad and he garnered police attention for The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention. The work of Paul Chan (b. ) has charted a course in contemporary art as unpredictable and wide-ranging as the thinking that grounds his practice.

“Paul Chan: Selected Writings –” collects the critical essays and artists texts that first appeared in Artforum, October, Texte zur Kunst, and Frieze, among other. Or one can check out the idea of politics at work in that Artforum essay on Paul Chan.

Such an inability to call obscurantism as one sees it -- the confusion of complex form with serious meaning -- is, of course, an intellectual problem, leading to the substitution of quirky diction for critical thought.

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Chan’s essays and interviews have appeared in Artforum, Frieze, Flash Art, October, Tate etc, Parkett, Texte Zur Kunst, Bomb, and other magazines and journals. Chan's books are. He is the author of The Artwork Caught by the Tail: Francis Picabia and Dada in Paris (MIT Press, ), and the editor, with Eric Banks, of Paul Chan: Selected .

Artforum essay on paul chan
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