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In the footsteps of Charles Dickens

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Dickens’s dark side: walking at night helped ease his conscience at killing off characters

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Night Walks is a collection of Dickens' essays. He's a great essayist, I hadn't had any idea until I stumbled upon this thin volume in a book shop.

Dickens was a great walker, walking back & forth across London and astutely observing the city around him/5. This essay draws on the sociological concepts of travel disorientation and transient community in order to illustrate some of the specific historical, technological and cultural factors that helped to give rise to the literary travel essay as a form as it was pioneered by Charles Dickens in his weekly journals Household Words and All the Year Round.

Charles Dickens describes in Night Walks his time as an insomniac, when he decided to cure himself by walking through London in the small hours, and discovered homelessness, drunkenness and vice on the streets.

This collection of essays shows Dickens as one of the greatest visionaries of the city in all its variety and cruelty/5(4). One essay in particular struck a chord. "Night Walks", written inexplains how Dickens came to walk the city obsessively in the cold, unfriendly small hours.

After witnessing an event which left a "distressing impression", he found himself unable to sleep. Night Walks is a collection of Dickens' essays. He's a great essayist, I hadn't had any idea until I stumbled upon this thin volume in a book shop. Dickens was a great walker, walking back & forth across London and astutely observing the city around him/5.

Insomniacs of the City: ‘Houselessness’ and Liminal Spaces in Dickens’ ‘Night Walks’ Charles Dickens, famous for his social critiques on Victorian England’s poverty, among other issues, was also a pioneer and prophetic writer for the field of modern day medicine, specifically in the areas of sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Charles dickens night walks essay
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Charles Dickens on Homelessness – HENDRIK SLEGTENHORST