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Role Of The Civil And Criminal Courts Law Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: In this court report I will be discussing the role of the civil and criminal courts by witnessing the law in action and will also compare and contrast the courts.

During the visit to the court I attended a trial which was a rape case. This was seen as a. The court plays a huge role in the English legal system, firstly, vast majority of criminal cases in the English legal system are heard by the magistrates.

The lay magistrates have the authority to give sentence up to 6 months or a 5, pound fine. Jul 23,  · Court Visit – Observation Report Task Description: In the human services field you will most likely have some contact with the court and legal system.

Many students are unaware of ‘real life’ court settings and procedures aside from impressions gain via television ‘law and order’ programs.

Students will be required to undertake one visit (of approx. Criminal Court Visit Essay Abstract The purpose of this paper is to highlight the different aspect of the Criminal Justice after visiting the criminal justice office(s). The visit is done during the last week of September and the visiting point was the United States District First Court of Appeal, the court located at S.

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Criminal court visit essay essay
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