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Truth and Other Enigmas

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Born inProfessor Sir Michael Dummett spent most of his career working at the University of Oxford, becoming the Wykeham Professor of Logic there ina post that he held until his retirement in He was knighted in and died in His work in philosophy is marked by his. This collection of Michael Dummett’s philosophical essays, spanning more than twenty years, ranges in topic from time to the philosophy of mathematics, but is unified by a steady philosophical outlook.

The essays are, in one way or another, informed by Dummett’s concern with metaphysical. Sir Michael Dummett was born in London and educated at Winchester College and Christ Church, Oxford. He was elected Fellow of All Souls and subsequently became Reader in the Philosophy of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, lecturing at New College.

Sir Michael Dummett, who has died aged 86, was one of the greatest British philosophers of the 20th century. (), a collection of essays; and Frege: Philosophy of Mathematics (), the. The Philosophy of Michael Dummett (Library of Living Philosophers) [Randall E.

Auxier, Lewis Edwin Hahn] on lemkoboxers.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For over 50 years, Sir Michael Dummett has been a major philosophical voice in a wide range of fieldsReviews: 1.

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This collection of Michael Dummett's philosophical essays, spanning more than twenty years, ranges in topic from time to the philosophy of mathematics, but is unified by a steady philosophical outlook.

The essays are, in one way or another, informed by Dummett's concern with metaphysical questions and his belief that the correct .

Dummett essays
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