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History of the Republic of Venice

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VeniceThe Library of St. About SCF. Established inState College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) is the region's first and largest public college, serving 11, college credit students annually at campuses in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Venice, and via online classes.

A collage of Venice: at the top left is the Piazza San Marco, followed by a view of the city, then the Grand Canal, and (smaller) the interior of La Fenice and, finally, the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Republic of Venice

The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION GLOBAL HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY Tuesday, August 16, — to. We spent the month of August in me, it was a return to a city that I had visited 25 years ago. Lisbon is a very popular place these days, attracting tourists with its beautiful architecture, tiled streets, sunny days (it is known as the sunshine capital), historic sites, and cuisine.

Venice is literally an island -- or to be more precise, a cluster of over one hundred small islands. It is part of the northeastern Italian region known as the Veneto.

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The city consists of six districts, called sestieri: Cannaregio, Santa Croce, San Polo, San Marco, Castello, and Dorsoduro (see TripAdvisor's Neighborhoods page).

The history of credit and banking goes back much further than the history of coins.

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Nevertheless the story of the origins of money goes back even further still.

Venice region essay
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